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Chefjw.com :: Critic's choice

My cuisine is featured in many major publications. To get a better insight to my style of cooking and the types of restaurants I have helped launch...

James Beard Foundation
The James Beard Foundation Calendar

"Asked to be guest Chef for James Beard House"

Food & Wine, May 2006Food & Wine

"Food & Wine votes Vix one of the hottest restaurants in the world"

Bon Appetit, February 2006Bon Appetit

"Voted top table/restaurant in Miami"



Ocean Drive, November 2005Ocean Drive

"Top Chef"

Food & Wine
Food & Wine

"Where to go and Dine in Miami"

Christmas in London With Chef James

"The Harrods Christmas Lunch"

Food Arts

"My Favorite Gear"

Food Art

"A Perfect Catch"

Food Art

"Green Cuisine"


"Pale and Interesting"


"As Gourmet As It Gets"



London OK

"Mint Condition"


"April Seasonal Flavours"


"February Seasonal Flavours"

Miami Herald

"Discover Vix's Chef, 'a modern Marco Polo'"


"February Seasonal Flavours"

London OK

"This Month's Seasonal Food Of Choice Is: Blood Orange For Valentine's Day"

London OK

"This Month's Seasonal Food Of Choice Is: Prawns"

Ocean Drive

"Hotel Victor"

Hot List

"Our Choice of the Best New Hotels Worldwide"

In Touch, May 2006In Touch

"Paris Hilton loves Vix's 7 sins of chocolate"

Ocean Drive, May 2006Ocean Drive

"Vix offers a couture setting and haute cuisine that has produced as much buzz as a hive of drag queens"

Where Miami, March 2006Where Miami

"The Spiceman Cometh at Vix"

Cigar Aficionado, April 2006Cigar Aficionado

"Vix, Miami offers the most expensive cigar list"

Zagat SurveyZagat Survey

"Vix Best New Restaurant"

Chicago Magazine, May 2003
Chicago Magazine
"And a dessert dazzler -- the chocolate and peanut butter dome with praline ice cream -- is rather like the dining room itself: a seamless combination of graceful curves and high-design details."

El Nuevo Dia Orlando

"Platos unicos para los exigentes"

Travel + Leisure
Travel + Leisure

"Vix voted best new restaurant"

Ocean Drive, October 2005Ocean Drive

"Vix Restaurant quoted as stellar at the Hotel Victor"

Ocean Drive, April 2004
Condé Nast Traveller

"The 60 hotels recommended here were chosen after many months' research."

Ocean Drive, April 2004Ocean Drive

"...dinner party at Mediterranean-inspired Vix. What with chef James Wierzelewski's Spice Route-themed menu..."

Ocean Drive, April 2004

The Miami Herald

"Discover Vix's chef, a modern Marco Polo"

Ocean Drive, April 2004
W Magazine

"... a kitchen with a Viking stove so that the hotel's chef, James Wierzelewski, can personally cook for guests."

Ocean Drive, April 2004

"I want to take the mystique out of spice - said Executive Chef James Wierzelewski."

Ocean Drive, April 2004

Ocean Drive
"The new owners of the Hotel Victor hope it will become the biggest celebrity magnet on the Beach..." Restaurant Hospitality, January 2004
Restaurant Hospitality
"His culinary career began with a small geographic leap-- an apprenticeship at Milwaukee's Pfister Hotel-- but Chicago native James Wierzelewski has seen most of the rest of the world since then..."

Zagat Survey 2003
Unprecedented for new restaurants, Aria received extraordinary ratings from Zagat's survey. "Blend a well-traveled, experienced chef--James Wierzelewski--with a menu that is "culturally inspired, comfortably American" and you have quite an interesting array of dishes."

Food Arts
"Chef James Wierzelewski's last name may be hard to spell, but his cooking is easy to like."
"...In James Wierzelewski, Aria has a chef with the skill and imagination to give this hotel restaurant a prominent spot on the foodie radar."

London Delicious

"Nested Interest"

Chicago Style
"The adventurous menu fits Aria's global-chic feel. Inspired by his experiences working in kitches in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and other far-flung locales, chef James Wierzelewski set out to create traditional dishes from those countires that appeal to Midwestern tastes."

American Taste

"Chef James' Flavor Palette Scintillates the Senses"


"en Miami"

Celebrated Living

"Warm Wishes"

Miami Herald

"Tropical Life"

© James Wierzewlewski 2010